Monthly Fishing Reports

April 17

Only the occassional angler ventured out in April. Bank fishing improved as the month went on and towards the end of the month all club and estate boats were launched. No notable catches.

May 17

Serious fishing started on 14 May when a regular Peter Bucha came for a week and fished hard from both bank and boat. He struggled with some bright conditions but caught consistently taking 6 + fish to 2lb each day. Of note he landed 12 from the Monkey Puzzle Loch, 18 on  Loch an Eileen and 11 on West Olavat. We were closed for the first 2 weeks in May taking a well earned holiday.

June 17

A very busy month with regulars David and Gordon Jack and Willy Tonkin catching good baskets of fish   (particularly on North Olavat). They were joined by Colin West and Martin Bamforth who also had consistent success in difficult conditions.  Raymond Gunn and his son caught plenty of fish from bank and boat and in the evening after dinner in a number of lochs. Graham Gow gets the prize as the most improved angler (since I last fished with him) and caught consistently all week including a couple of crackers on Mid Ollay and Loch an Oss. John Nolan returned again and fished hard mostly from the bank and finally Mathew Compton (editor of THE book) and Mark James returned to the Anglers Retreat after an 8 year gap and had a great time. In summary June was a hard month and the fish were hard to catch, strong sunlight and regular high winds did not help.

July 17

Frenchman Jacques Calluaud came to South Uist for the first time and spent 3 days fishing with me and v windy conditions. He was a fly fishing beginner but caught everyday and scared himself to death after hooking into, and quickly losing, the fish of a lifetime in Stilligary..