Monthly Fishing Reports

April 18

April started well for me with a couple of cracking days on Tornish, raised 25 fish and catching 12/15 trout to 1 3/4lb. Returning guest Jacques Calluardhad a great week at the end of April with fish everyday and a red letter day on Lochan Oss when he caught 4 x 2lb and lost 2 more. WEather was tricky but it proves fish can be had eaerly season.


May 18

Peter Corkhill had agood week catching 5 fish on N Olaphat, 10 on West Ollay and a host of others from the bank including yet another big fish on Loch an Oss. John and Anna Stratton from upstate New York enjoyed a day on Druidibeg with me and caught 7 plus another lovely fish from Loch an Oss. Mid May saw the arrival of Mike Jefferies from Thailand for a 3 week trip and he fished all of the premier loch  bagging 60 fish. His most enjoyableday was hiring a ATV to take him to Snigiscliet where he caught 19 and lost double that. Mike Dawson, an ex ghillie from Lewis also made his firwt trip down and had a great time sharing a boat with Mike, the highlights were 12 fish on West Ollay and 16 on Bornish. Hot hot hot the end of the month was dry and 23 degrees but despite that fish were caught in flat calm conditions. Graham Gow had a great week with 53 trout to 2.5lb from various estate lochs.


Jun 18

The hot and calm weather continues 3 weeks without rain and all the lochs are very low as I found out on Hallan with Hugh Wallace, with a boat that would hardly drift we managed 7 lovely fish. 





Best catches