Monthly Fishing Reports

April/ May 19

April was a very dry and sunny month with a cold Northerly wind. I fished for the first time on 4 Apr and had 5 crackers from Frasers to 2lb and fished it again twice for another 11 all from the bank. Also had success in Eilean an Stoir with 9 and 2 off Toronish (now to weedy to fish). Fiona had a cracking 2 lb fish, her biggest to date, from Loch an Oss. Machair lochs fishing poorly due to cold. Our first fishing guest John Nolan arrived on 22 May and had 34 for his bank fishing week. He had the majority from the SW side of Druidibeg and Frasers. My mate Craig came with Martin shortly after and endured some hard conditions, struggling (along with everyone else) on the machair lochs but had 20 from the estate boat on Druidibeg and another 7 lovely fish on Mid Ollay. No fly life anywhere. Best flies - Clan Chief, Kate McClaren Muddler, Bibio, Dunkeld


Jun 19

This month we have Mike Jeffereys, Hugh and Sandy (10 off Mid Ollay today in a gale) and Willie and Robert (8 off North Olaphat) . Mike had 10 more off upper bornish and 6 off frasers and a lovely 2.5lb fish from west ollay before having his fishing curtailed by illness. Martin Bamforth and Colin West had a mixed week with fishing very much effected by cold weather, they had a total of 35. Tricky conditions prevailed all through the month and Graham Gow caught more from the bank than the boat. Mike Jeffereys finally recovered and fished Fada in North Uist with Gary and caught 27 small fish. Mark James and Reuben Girling rounded off the month, their best day was mid ollay with 16 and 6 off upper bornish.

A poor month by June standards, no fly life at all and no free rising fish, this effected the machair lochs the greatest and the best fishing was definately on the mid or club lochs, hopefully thing will warmup soon.






July 19

At the time of writing (17 Jul) I have had no fishing guests this month but Ive been out and managed 12 from Schoolhouse at the end of the loch carnan road , 7 from N Olaphat and 2 lovely fish last night in 45 min of fishing from West Olaphat.

Aug/Sep 19

I spent a week ghillying David Ogg's party and enjoyd plenty of banter and some challenging salmon and sea trout fishing. Jamie Kay had a good 10 day mixing S/ST with bank fishing some obscure lochs with Pete Mathews. The highlight was a lovely 3.5lb seatrout in the burn mouth on Fada. New to South Uist angler Darran Baker and I had a great few days fishing Castle (lots of brownies and a couple of finnock), Roag (terrible wind) and bank fishing Druidibeg - which was the highlight, between us we managed 25 good fishing despite a howling gale. Finally Jim Birbeck and Don had a challenging week spoilt by more bad weather.

Andy Ellis came back in Sept and had a great week fishing his favourite bank lochs and we had a cracking day on East Bee together, the highlight of which was a stunning 3.5lb brownie in mid loch


Oct 19

Fi and I had a great holiday in the US so no fishing




Best catches