Brown Trout

A fly rod of about 10.5 ft, and AFTM 6-8, a selection of traditional Scottish and Irish flies in sizes from 14 to 8, floating and intermediate lines to suit and leader material of 6/8 lbs BS make up a basic kit, but by all means bring your favourite flies, and if you have one, pack a dapping rod.

Salmon and Sea Trout

A single handed or switch fly rod of about 10 -11.5 feet, and AFTM 7-9 line with a stiff leader material of 8/10 lbs BS (Maxima works well).

Whatever your quarry it is invariably windy (10-25mph) on the Outer Hebrides and your tackle needs to be capable of punching a line out in windy conditions, particularly if bank fishing, a weight forward line is therefore highly recommended even though the majority of fish are caught close into the bank. During boat fishing it is less important but nevertheless makes for a less tiring day.


If you are bank fishing, keep on the move and fan out your casts, for the wild brown trout is territorial and you have to find him, not wait for him. You are not fishing for 'stockies' in a reservoir!

Most anglers use leaders with two or three flies with a  bob fly which is bushier than the rest in order to wake up the fish.

Recommended Flies
The angling visitor will find this basic selection in the recommended sizes suitable for all our game fish: Butcher(s), Black Zulu, Soldier Palmer, Black Pennell, Peter Ross, Blae and Black, Cinnamon and Gold, Bibio, Grouse/Mallard and Claret, Invicta, Kate McLaren, Camasunary Killer, Teal Blue and Silver, Alexandra, Claret and Golden Olive Bumbles, Irish Dabblers, Goat’s Toe, Connemara Black, etc. Our own Western Isles Clan Chief and Green French Partridge are strongly recommended, and try a size 10 Muddler (preferably Pearly) on the bob for salmon and sea trout.
"Proper" salmon flies around sizes 10 and 8 work well - Stoat’s Tail (and Silver), Hairy Mary, Blue Charm, Thunder, Sweep, Carry Dog, Kenny’s Killer and many more, but bring your own favourites and experiment.

You can, of course, use bait or spin on some sea pools, but more and more anglers nowadays find they have more fun and excitement with a fly rod. Add to that the rod-bending excitement of a fight with the tenacious conger and skate along with fishing for all the family for the humble mackerel (not so humble on a fly rod!), and there is something for everyone , especially noteworthy are common skate (record 195 Ibs), common skate must be returned.

Tackle and techniques tend towards the traditional, and a three-hook paternoster simply fashioned from heavy monfilament with a lead at the bottom meets most needs. But bring your own favourite gear, try our your own methods, and discuss them at length with the friendly local anglers.

Each can learn from the other. Bait is freely available from innumerable beaches, muddy flats and tidal rocks. An extensive range of rods, reels and terminal tackle is available from a number of outlets.