March/ April 22 

Windy, bright and freezing cold just about sums up March. I fished a few times from the bank and managed to catch a few but the hightlight was a beatiful fat 3.5lb fish from the 'hole' on Loch Bee. Last week of April the weather improved and Tony Rogers set forth in his first trip to South Uist his highlights were 10 on Mid Ollay, 5 on Stilligary and 4 on Clachen, fishing improved as the week went on. He fished some days with my good friend Craig Ferrier who also had a good day with me on Hallan (9) and Upper Kildonan where we had 12 in an afternoon.

May 22  - as at 23 May

May started with a bang for first time angler Mark Hamiltion who on his first day caught a 9lb 4oz Brownie from West Ollay pictured above and ghillied by Colin McKenzie who described it as 'the biggest Brownie I have ever seen from South Uist'. Well done Mark! He added days of 22 on Mid Ollay, 14 on Stilligary. The rest of his party also had a good week Tony Connor and Scott Clydesdale who managed 31 on Stilligary, 22 on Uppper Kildonan, 22 on Bornish. Paul Clydesdale also had similar catches. Fishing is improving, fish taking from the surface, but we need rain, all lochs are very low. John Watson and Colin Poton started their week with a bang with Colin landing a stunning 6.5lb fish on Clachen (13). Colin lost a big fish on West Ollay and the rest of the week they battled with wind but had good days on Upper Bornish (17), North Olaphat (15) and Mid Ollay (5). 80 yr old Duncan Macdougall landed his best ever trout of 4.5lb on Clachen followed swiftly by another of 2.5 and boat partner Willie McCleod also had a nice fish of over 2. The rest of their week was tough with 35mph wind and heavy most days but they still managed consistant fishing when the sun came out. Simon Barnes and David Ogg started well this week with some fine fish from Clachen, best 2.75lb, lots missed and dropped. Many of the larger fish are still coming short. Lochs now full after heavy rain. Grogarry fished well this morning with 5 to the boat for Graham North and Duncan Brown best 2.5lb and lots missed but the afternoon it went completely dead as dis neighbouring Stilligary for David and Simon.




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Best catches to Date

9lb 4oz Brownie - West Ollay

6.5lb Brownie - Clachen

4.5lb Brownie - Clachen

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