April/ May 21

The start of the season was characterised by cold and windy weather but I did manage to get out on opening day and bag 6 on 'Diesel' loch and 3 on Druidibeg all from the bank. Since then more poor weather has curtailed fishing but Ive had a good days afloat on West Olaphat (15) and Upper Bornish (14). Snow and biting wind from 3 May made life difficult for Paul Clydesdale and Tony Connor but they had notible days on Stilligary (15 to 2.75lb), Grogarry (5 to 1.5lb) and Hallan (11 to 1.75lb), its been raining none stop since they left and the lochs have all risen at least 10 inches which is welcome. Looking forward to greeting David Ogg and Simon Barnes at the end of the month before getting really busy in June.





Jun 21




July 20

.As usual the weather turned in July but fishing has been steady. My highlights so far have been:

Druidibeg Bank - 9 small trout

Frasers Float tube- 18

North Olaphat - 2 trips 20 (Fishing very well this season)

East Bee -  1 x 2lb, 1 x 1.5lb seatrout

Clachen - 10 (4 over 1.5lb)

West Olaphat -6 + 5 to Fiona

Fada - 2 Finnock

Upper Kildonan - 9 

The first guest of the year was regular visitor Graham Gow who had a nice 3.5lb seatrout from Fada + 6 finnock, 8 x 1lb+ trout from Upper Kildonan, bad weather did not help him. Jamie Kay another regular fished with me on |Upper Kildonan and had his best day ever fishing in South Uist with 10 in the boat, together we lost or rose a further 30+. Jamie enjoys his bank fishing and also had 6 from Frasers, 5 from Druidibeg and 8 from Dun Mhor


A surprisingly good month for fish given the weather. The Sluice gate on Bee is currently being repaired which should help the ecosystem considerably



Aug 20

August kicked off with the arrival of David Ogg, Simon Barnes, Brian Glover and Rick Knight who fished hard for a week in difficult calm and sunny conditions, their reward was a 6lb 10oz Seatrout for David and a cracking 3lb Brownie for Rick with Simon and Brian both having fish to 2 3/4lb and numerous fish above 1.5lb caught. Bornish, Grogarry, Stilligary and Fada fished particularly well. Total for their week - 47 Brownies, 14 Seatrout.

John Watson and Colin Paton had a difficult week weather wise ranging from flat calm and sunny to full blown gales but they persevered and ended up with over 20 trout in the last few days particularly from the bank on Mid Ollay.

The final full week was taken by Paul & Scott Clydesdale, Tony Connor and Brian Fraser. What a week they had; it started with 70 trout from the banks of 3 club lochs on Sunday. On Monday Tony and Scott had 2 salmon (10.5 and 5lb) and 13 seatrout  (best 3.5lb) from Roag and Paul had a fantastic 6.25lb Brownie from West Ollay. This was followed by a 4.5lb salmon to Tony on Upper Kildonan and a 4.5Lb Brownie yet again from West Ollay. They had numerous 2-3.5lb brownies from Grogarry, Stilligary and Bornish and a fantastic day on Upper Kildon which produced 17. Great fishing guys.





Best catches

David Ogg's 6lb 10oz Seatrout from Fada

Paul Clydesdale 61/4 lb Brownie from West Olay

Tony Connor 10.5lb Salmon

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