South Uist Fishing Reports - from Anglers' Retreat

April/ May 20

Covid 19 restriction prevented any fishing during this period.

Jun 20

Fishing started in earnest but sadly ony for me as we are unable to host and guests and no  visitors are allowed on the islands. Estate lochs not available by boat so restricted to bank or club lochs. Unsurprisingly I made hay! My highlights were:

North Olaphat - 4 trips - 31 trout 

West Olaphat - 1 trip AM- 10 trout

East Olaphat - 1 trip PM - 5 trout

Druidibeg - 4 trips from bank -22 trout

Frasers - 1 trip am (fiona) - 6 trout

Dun a Cille - 1 trip - 8 trout

Dun Mhor - 1 float tube trip 3hrs - 16 trout

Bayhead - 2 trips - 17 trout

West Ollay - 1 trip - 1 x 5lb 4oz, 1x 3lb 10oz, 1x 2lb 4oz, 1x 1lb 8oz

West Ollay - 3.5lb from bank

East Bee - 2 trips- 9 brown, 3 seatrout


The West Ollay trip was most memorable because the loch was covered in thick Sea Harr and it was freezing cold.


I have also bank fished numerous SUAC mid and hill lochs and caught another 50+ fish to 2lb.










July 20

.As usual the weather turned in July but fishing has been steady. My highlights so far have been:

Druidibeg Bank - 9 small trout

Frasers Float tube- 18

North Olaphat - 2 trips 20 (Fishing very well this season)

East Bee -  1 x 2lb, 1 x 1.5lb seatrout

Clachen - 10 (4 over 1.5lb)

West Olaphat -6 + 5 to Fiona

Fada - 2 Finnock

Upper Kildonan - 9 

The first guest of the year was regular visitor Graham Gow who had a nice 3.5lb seatrout from Fada + 6 finnock, 8 x 1lb+ trout from Upper Kildonan, bad weather did not help him. Jamie Kay another regular fished with me on |Upper Kildonan and had his best day ever fishing in South Uist with 10 in the boat, together we lost another and and rose a further 30+. Jamie enjoys his bank fishing and also had 6 from Frasers, 5 from Druidibeg and  xx from Dun Mhor


A surprisingly good month for fish given the weather. The Sluice gate on Bee is currently being repaired which should help the ecosystemn considerably



Aug 20






Best catches

My 5 1/4 lb Brownie from West Olay

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