April/ May 21

The start of the season was characterised by cold and windy weather but I did manage to get out on opening day and bag 6 on 'Diesel' loch and 3 on Druidibeg all from the bank. Since then more poor weather has curtailed fishing but Ive had a good days afloat on West Olaphat (15) and Upper Bornish (14). Snow and biting wind from 3 May made life difficult for Paul Clydesdale and Tony Connor but they had notible days on Stilligary (15 to 2.75lb), Grogarry (5 to 1.5lb) and Hallan (11 to 1.75lb). I had a fun day on Grogarry with Marc Macmillan who had 4  with 3 over 2 lb best just short of 4lb. David Ogg and Simon Barnes had a challenging week weatherwise but had good days on Clachen (4 is some terrible conditions), Stilligary (10 to 2.5lb). Bornish (13), Upper Kildonan (9), Grogarry (2 to 3lb) and Mid Ollay (8 to 31/4lb)). Guy Wardle had 9 on North Olaphat with me. New Uist fisherman Graham North, Duncan Brown and John Mclellan experianced the full range of uist weather and ended with 5 on Upper Bornish,12 on U Kildonan, 17 on N Olaphat and 8 on Mid Ollay. 


Jun 21

 Despite a steady S/SW wind direction weather has been rough for the last week and forecast till 20th, Despite 30mph wind Mike Jefferies and Graham Gow fished hard  on Clachen (13 to 4lb), Druidibeg (29), Mid Ollay (13) and N Olaphat (6). Martin Bamforth and Colin West had 23 on Altebrug, 8 on Stillary, 12 on Mid Ollay, 3 on Bee including a stunning 4.25lb Brownie, their final day on Hallan produced 11 to 2.25lb. New to the Anglers' Retreat guests Julian Williams and Gareth Richards fished Mid Ollay (12), Bornish (5), Altebrug (8), Druidibeg estate side (23) and Grogarry (5) in some pretty difficult conditions. Tricky conditions, high wind then calm bright sun through to the 20th didnt stop Reuben Girling catching 6 on Clachen to 2.5lb and then together 9 on Upper Bornish in a gale, 9 on Dun a Cille and 6 on Stilligary with Mark James catching 2 at 2.5lb, they both rose and lost loads more including fish around 2lb. The highlight of the week was my day on Upper Kildonan on Saturday, we managed 23 to 2lb. Big leggy muddlers, bibio, black pennell and silver invictor have been the most consistant flies. The final week of the month saw new guests Willie Macleod and Duncan Macdougall have great days on Bornish (8) and Upper Kildonan (16) and a really fun day on East Bee with 6 to the boat and a number lost/ missed inc a large seatrout at the sluice.





July 21 

There are no fishing guests planned for July so watch this space for my efforts..

Aug 21






Best catches to Date

Colin West - 4.25lb Brownie 

Reuben Girling - 2lb Seatrout

Mark James - 15 Brown Trout on Upper Bornish



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